About Us

About RB Oilfield Hauling Inc.

RB Oilfield Hauling Inc. is a privately owned and operated corporation. Our operation provides quality solutions for Oilfield Hauling. Currently, RB services Oil and Gas Operations in Central and Northern Alberta, Northern British Columbia, and the North-West Territories.

Available Hauling Services

  • Service Rig Moves
  • Production Equipment
  • Pipe Hauling
  • Oilfield Equipment
  • Coil Tubing Operations
  • General Oilfield Hauling
  • Hotshots

Oilfield Hauling Equipment

  • Winch-less Tractors
  • Winch Tractors
  • Texas Beds
  • Big Beds
  • 45 Ton Pickers
  • High Boys
  • Scissor Neck - Low Beds
  • Trombones
  • 24 Wheelers
  • 48 Wheelers




History of RB Oilfield Hauling Inc.

RB Oilfield Hauling Inc. was incorporated in October 2005.

 RB designed the original “Stand-alone” Water Evaporation/Boiler Blow-down tank and commenced manufacturing in Red Deer Alberta.

Our scope of experience made adding Oilfield Hauling to our operations in 2010, a natural evolution. Over the years we have grown this division into a well-rounded, experienced fleet of Operators.

Over the years since 2010 we have transitioned from rentals to oilfield hauling as management had many years of experience in the trucking business. 

RB Management

RB’s corporate headquarters is located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, where our management team is continually looking forward, while remaining focused on providing quality equipment to our customers and reliable hauling services. The operations team is fixed on providing quality, reliable products at well sites; inventory management of the fleet; diligent maintenance programs; and safe and efficient hauling services.

Our Guiding Principles

Safety and compliance

Safety and compliance are the corner stones of our company. We do not believe safety and performance are opposing forces. In fact, we believe a safe and compliant workforce provides greater efficiency and performance for our company and our customers.

Efficiency through teamwork

When every person does their part, it allows our company the opportunity to function both seamlessly and in unity.

Innovation and solutions

At RB we innovate solution derived products to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Honesty and integrity

RB believes that the foundation for success is dependent on the honesty and integrity of it operations.